Љубов на прв клик


Да ви признаам, се вљубив на прв клик, и на прво читање:
„I the usual, romantic, tender woman. I search in this life only for reliable, strong, gentle relations. To me it is necessary the man to which I can present the tenderness and all love. I love all beautiful in a life. I like to create in the house a cosiness and warmly, also I not away to sit in a cosy bar, to listen to quiet music. To me to like to spend Time with the friends. I hope that my unique the man somewhere is also I shall meet him to remain with him for ever.
To me it is necessary the man which appreciates family relations. Which having looked me in eyes will see in them that that so long searched.This the man should be fair, gentle, kind which loves children and wishes to construct strong love and gentle relations.“
Што да правам кога
Русинките – домаќинки ми се слабост.
Некој да ми даде на заем виза картичка?

2 коментари:

ribaro рече...

Жаре, имам комшивка иста Људмила од сликана :)

Блазе си ти.
btw, на која адреса живееш? :)

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