Заеби CNN


Главна тема на една од ударните статии на The New York Review of Books, What About the Iraqis? - е блогот на една Ирачанка.

Еве што таа пишува за „успешноста“ на проектот „демократизација на Ирак“ - или во наша верзија: „Слобода за Ирак“:

„I haven’t driven for the longest time. If you’re a female, you risk being attacked.
I look at my older clothes- the jeans and t-shirts and colorful skirts- and it’s like I’m studying a wardrobe from another country, another lifetime. There was a time, a couple of years ago, when you could more or less wear what you wanted if you weren’t going to a public place. If you were going to a friends or relatives house, you could wear trousers and a shirt, or jeans, something you wouldn’t ordinarily wear. We don’t do that anymore because there’s always that risk of getting stopped in the car and checked by one militia or another.“

Поднасловот на блогот е:

„Girl Blog from Iraq... let's talk war, politics and occupation.“

Што мислите, кој е поверодостоен медиум: CNN или Baghdad Burning?

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Razvigor рече...

Baghdad Burning.

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