Потпретседателката на Европската Комисија има свој блог, на кој можат да се најдат интересни постови и жестоки коментари.
Еве што вика Маргот Валстром на својот
пост за блогерската слобода на изразувањето:
„As for censoring comments, I believe in free speech and want to give people as much freedom as possible to say what they want but there is a line which has to be drawn somewhere. (...) I notice one commentator accused me of ‘cowardice‘ in saying that freedom of speech must have some limitations. But of course it must! Would that commentator advocate that people who peddle child pornography, for example, should have unlimited freedom of speech? I doubt it. (...) Why must freedom of speech sometimes be limited? Because sometimes people will use it who seek to destroy society.“
Имате против-аргументи?

4 коментари:

Почнуваат да се пишуваат и дисертации за блогови!!!
„Dear all, My name is Karolin, I am a media studies student in London and am currently writing my dissertation on Margot Wallström's weblog.“
Еве што одговара една добро упатена читателка:
„Most commenters on most blogs are either retirees, unemployed, undergraduates, or civil servants with time to kill. Ninety percent are males and, since males’ comments are about ten times longer than females’, they account for 99% of all textual input. This is partly due to the fact that most females have nothing to say but, unlike males, do not say it.
Redundancy rules. According to the blogosphere version of Kotka’s law, the number of informative postings on a particular topic is approximately the square root of the total number of postings on that topic. So if there are 10 postings, three may be of interest; if there are 100 comments, ten; if there are 1000, approximately 33 .. etc.“

калина рече...

Шо убава психологија развила ’упатената читателка‘ за машко женската психологија и сиво клеточна подготвеност. Дури и завидувам.

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