Human Rights Love


Considering that you are my priority and unique opportunity,
Recognizing and affirming that you are the only threat to the dignity and worth inherent in my person,
Reaffirming my commitment to take joint and separate action, placing proper emphasis on developing effective interbody cooperation for the realization of the purposes set out in Article 5 of the WAS Declaration of Sexual Rights,
Emphasizing my responsibilities, in conformity with the right to sexual autonomy, sexual integrity, and protection of the sexual body,
Recalling the Preamble of the WAS Declaration of Sexual Rights, particularly the determination to reaffirm faith in sexual rights as universal human rights based on the inherent freedom, dignity, and equality of all human beings,
Also recalling the fact that the full development of sexuality is essential for individual, interpersonal, and societal well being,
Deeply concerned that, perhaps, you will be the end of my history,

Having taken into account that on top of all, nobody could bear it systematically,
Welcoming the enjoyment of all sexual rights and freedoms respecting the value and diversity of various cultural practices and identities,
Invoking the spirit of the new age and the realities of our time which call upon the people of the world to rededicate themselves to the global task of promoting and protecting all sexual rights and freedoms so as to secure full and universal enjoyment,
Determined to take new steps forward in the commitment to achieve substantial progress in the implementation of the right to sexual pleasure, by an increased and sustained effort and mutual cooperation and solidarity,
I am submitting to you my declaration of love…
With only one additional protocol:
What is love, but a positive discrimination?
Let’s fuck!

9 коментари:

Едно „сочинение“ од пост-дипломските денови, кога пишував магистерска на тема Sexuality and Human RIghts. :)

макондо рече...

Декларацијава... Фантастично! ама протоколот?!!! Факултативен ли е? :)

iva рече...


Se izvinuvam za koristenjeto latinica, opravdano e.

Анонимен рече...

многу ме интересира дали си го читал Michel Houellebecq...

не сум го читал. оти?

Анонимен рече...

онака...дури и баш ме чуди што не си го читал...сепак, топло го препорачувам, бидејќи вака виртуелно ми личиш на литературен сладокусец (иако по методите на читање прилично сме различни мислам...)

Анонимен рече...

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